Notes on Blue Jay




Unlike Jim and Amanda

I never recorded my voice during my teen years.

I know how I looked,

what I thought

but not how I sounded.

I bet the past is less painful if you can’t hear yourself talking about Bukowski’s bluebird, Plath, or glitter nail polish.

Maybe that is why Blue Jay is so interesting, because we can hear voices of the past as if we were inside a time capsule.

This Dupplas film is the creation of beauty from sadness, just like nostalgia is.

I read that description of nostalgia in a interview to Robert Montgomery and I have a post-it in my room, just in front of me, with those words written on it. This might be the most accurate use of a memory note.

Welcome to the Californian Before Sunrise!

First love is not the most important one,

is just the one you have spend more time trying to put a voice to.


Blue Jay (2016)

Now on Netflix


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