Annekatrin Lemke


Annekatrin Lemke (1980) is a German freelance artist known for her colorful ‘sculptural paintings‘ made out of wood. Abstraction, geometry, and powerful colors, usually combined by a neutral white, meet in a three dimensional space of wooden relief. Lemke studied wood design at the Academy Of Applied Art in Schneeberg, and currently she lectures at sculpting workshops and teaches future “master” wood-carvers. Her creations have been exhibited in Brussels, Karlsruhe, Liechtenstein, Erfurt and Suhl.

I contacted Annekatrin to ask her some questions about her work and the meaning of art, here is what she told me. Hope you enjoy her words and her beautiful pieces!



How much can we learn from ourselves through art?

Art encourages the viewer as well as the artist to think and rethink about life at all, about memories as well as future plans, about how to live, how to communicate and how to see. Yes, by dealing with art you get a more complex and precise view of what surrounds us.




Where do you find beauty?

Beauty is everywhere around us. I find beauty in nature as well as in the city and especially in art, architecture, music, literature, fashion and human relationships.




What kind of feelings do you wish to communicate with your artworks?

I think this is open to the personality of the viewer. I like the different perceptions and the discussion about the artworks!




A fictional character that inspires you.

Honestly, I’m more inspired by other artists- sculptors, painters and photographers-, as well as musicians and actors. There’s such a great amount of inspiring artists to focus on! I like for example Agnes Martin, Frank Stella, Imi Knoebel, Giorgio Morandi and Rachel Whiteread.


You can find more of Annekatrin’s work here!


All images courtesy of the artist.


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