Alejandra Freymann

autoretrato 50 x 81 cm

jardín 130x196 cm

Irene Martínez: Most of the characters we find in your artworks look extremely small. It seems to me there is a deliberated concern for concentrating in the small against the vastness of space that is also present in your work. Why are you interested in this confrontation?

Alejandra Freymann: I suppose it has to do with how I feel the human presence in the universe. The relationship between the micro and the macro has been something I have been always interested in. I’m actually worried, we are very small and the world is huge. And I feel that this idea has left the door open to all kinds of stories in the human imagination. I think this is one of the scariest things I can think of.


Images courtesy of Art Nueve Gallery

Interview originally published in Spanish in Nokton Magazine


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