Ana de Fontecha

I remember how much I liked her Oxford shoes. I also remember the way she used to play with tiny pieces of paper with geometrical motifs at her desk. It’s funny how those small details about a person can stick with you for such a long time. I’m talking about the artist Ana de Fontecha, whom I met during our Masters in History of Contemporary Art around three years ago now. Today I want to share her work with you.

Ana de Fontecha (1990) is a Spanish artist based in Madrid and a member of ‘Estudio Mendoza. Her work is mainly focused on the concept of space. She is interested in the relationship between subject and her surroundings, and how this contextual demarcation can help to define us. We can think for e.g on natural, domestic, or urban spaces, and how we are always connected to one or another. Ana reflects not only on how we are shaped by our environment but also how we give meaning to them with our presence.

These reflections are translated into a very elegant artistic language, infused with a touch of minimalism. Materials like wood and paper, the colours blue, green, and pink, geometrical repetitions, or constructions like boxes or roof beams, are the elements that form part of Ana de Fontecha’s work.



All images are courtesy of the artist.

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