Jimena Kato

Jimena Kato (Lima, Perú) is a multidisciplinary artist currently based in Madrid. I discovered her in an art fair and the pieces she was presenting remained in my memory for a long time. Time. Unstable. Precarious. Delicate. Popcorn. These are the words I would use to describe her work, if only art could be translated to language. Her artworks could be thought as time experiments where matter is studied through the slow but constant processes of change. As if they were natural objects, as if they were us.

Jimena Kato studied sculpture, video and performance in ESADMM Marseille, France. After that she  obtained her transmedia post-diploma in Sint­Lukas Hogeschool, Brussels. Her work has been exhibited internationally, including Paris, Lima, Brussels, Philadelphia, Bogotá, and Spain.



How would you describe your work?

Adaptable to circumstances.

What would you say that can we learn from artworks?

Every artwork is a way we have found to solve a specific problem, so with every piece we make, we learn something.



What kind of feelings or ideas do you wish to communicate with your pieces?

I don’t want to communicate feelings, nor I think I have anything to tell to other people, I think what I do are tests, attempts, trys and fails and then when I show my work the question is more likely “what do you think?” or feel for that matter. I’m curious about the reaction in other people, if they get something. Of course I want them to like it, to take with them something from it after experiencing it, but that is all I can wish for.



Where do you find beauty?

Normally I don’t find it because I’m not particularly looking for it. I think beauty happens, as a consequence of something. It doesn’t exist as a closed predetermined form, it is more a sort of transitional movement that suddenly unveils it. Beauty always surprises me coming from nowhere or from unexpected places, gestures, situations, always from nature, nature can be terrible too.




Learn more about Jimena Kato here!

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